Communications Management Solutions

Communications Management is critical to the success of any project and Laisar offers services that enhance message delivery through all phases of a project or program.  Laisar offers management consulting services in the field of corporate and marketing communications for international companies and organizations.

Remediation and Alignment of Top Down – Bottom Up Perspectives

Engaging the Stakeholders – Opening and Managing the Lines of Communication

Laisar Management Group’s Remediation and Alignment of Top Down – Bottom Up methodology provides a mechanism to align the many participating interest groups at all levels of management in an organization to ensure mission accomplishment within the boundaries mandated by regulatory compliance.  Remediation and Alignment melds the complexities of the disparate interest groups and the people to facilitate a level of understanding that will foster a collaborative, congenial working environment.

Laisar’s methodology identifies the major issues and positions of the interest groups relative to achieving Mission and Program goals.  Key players are identified. Their perspectives are recognized and a conciliatory process is defined.  Opportunities to introduce efficiencies of the organization’s operations are identified. This expanded understanding and acceptance of the requirement to accomplish the mission within the parameters of organizational policy and public law yields operating improvements and efficiencies for the organization.

A level playing field to foster open communications to gain consensus, mutual understanding and cooperation emerges to achieve the project’s goals. Relationships across organizational boundaries are formed.  Esprit de corps emerges.   Productivity is achieved.

Objectives of the Laisar’s Remediation and Alignment of Top Down – Bottom Up Perspective methodology are:

  • Identify Program issues, goals  and consequences of non-compliance
  • Identify the organizational components and the individual participants
  • Define available resources of the component organizations
  • Gain perspective on the Interrelationships of the component organizations
  • Create a discussion of obligations, roles, responsibilities
  • Identify the gaps that threaten the success of the project
  • Establish a coalition of the forces and resources of the organizations
  • Understand the inter-agency teaming arrangement issues, viability, etc. for:
  • Federal intra-agency, inter-agency, state, local collaboration
  • Inter-organizational Agreement designs, negotiation
  • Facilitation
  • Define mutually possible milestones to facilitate the spirit of cooperation
  • Understand the commitment that are possible to be made by the components
  • Establish performance measurement for meeting project management goals
  • Establish continuity of purpose through follow-up monitoring
  • Implement continued levels of achievement through continued dialogue
  • Create a forum to accomplish the above stated goals


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