Laisar Associates are now TIPA certified to assess and improve your IT processes

TIPA® is an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment within organizations. The TIPA framework offers a turnkey solution to determine the maturity levels for IT processes that are aligned with IT best practices, and enables process improvements. TIPA for ITIL® successfully combines the well-known process assessment standard ISO/IEC 15504 with IT Service Management best practices described in ITIL.

IT process assessment is a vital step with any IT process implementation – not only do you need to know where your organization stands currently on a process maturity level, but also where you want to be. TIPA (Tudor IT Process Assessment) uses the principles of the ISO/IEC 15504 standard, an internationally accepted standard for process assessment, in the creation of a framework specifically designed to assess processes within the IT domain.

Currently with fewer than 20 Lead Assessors in the US, Laisar is proud to offer this service.  Please contact us for additional information.

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