Laisar-slider-banner-3-1Since its founding in 2009, Laisar Management Group, LLC has contributed to the revitalization and development of communities throughout the State of Maryland in the United States and in countries in Africa by engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders from local, state and federal government, to developers and local small businesses and their residents.

At Laisar, we understand that addressing societal issues is smart business for our work and our clients.

Laisar-slider-banner-1-1The devil is in the details. The details are in the data. The data defines the operational realities. The process of combing through the enterprise, collecting, organizing and analyzing data to assess operational realities will make it possible to validate (or invalidate) compliance within regulatory, financial and agreed to business relationship boundaries.



We provide a cohesive integrated set of services and solutions to collect, validate, analyze and interpret internal and external information that support business management strategy and operations.


We have developed a set of flexible and unique processes to ensure regulatory compliance for Federal, State and local government and for corporations that must be responsive to government mandates setting goals for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses.


We bring a fresh perspective and practical approaches to how you view and manage your company.

Managing and Measuring Supplier Diversity

Learn about how we help government agencies & contractors deal with unresponsive suppliers, ambiguous contract language, ever changing certifications, data processing and analytics.

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Laisar-slider-banner-4-1We bring a forward-thinking perspective of a 21st century Africa where tech innovations are already allowing exponential change and a leapfrog effect throughout the social sector, including financial services, education, healthcare, agriculture, and renewable energy.

Committed to Social Change and Transformational Development.